@Paro ParoE150@i150j

Paro ParoE150@o5.830-

@@ParoParo 150

New pencil ParoParo150 of FISHERMAN appears. New Pencilpoppar Paro Paro150 @

achieves big splash & Sim only by the light side big popping.

The feature like the mind of underground is to move light and speedy.

 The body silhouette generates a large splash long by rostral of ParoParo150,

and enchants GT. Sim steady in a nasty sea and a big wave is a charm.

 Use spear Paro Paro150 is 150g. As for PoppingPencil Paro Paro150 of

 the new design of the new conception,

it can enjoy Shortpopping & Fast pull & side big popping and various techniques.

Paro Paro150 (Paroparo 150) makes your GT fishing shine surely.

P2 backing blue (tokara blue)



@Information about new price from 2008 Aug 01@



P1 Flying fish black

four flying fish sky blue Black Point

P2 backing blue (tokara blue)

P3 flying fish blue backing pink

P4 flying fish orange P5 flying fish black

P6 flying fish red head black

P7 flying fish fireworks

P8 black belly orange

P9 flying fish orange Black Point

P10 flying fish pink backside blue