All Popper of FISHERMAN is made from the highest-class cypress from Kumano Japan.

No tree of tropical rain forests is used.



01 sky blue with wing@02 black blue with wing@

03 yellow & blue with wing@@04pink & blue with wing@

05 pink & green with wing@@06 pink with wing 

07 orange with wing@@08 black with wing@

09 red head black with wing@10 fireworks with wing@@

11 marble with wing@@12 orange zebra gros with wing




The pencil for high-speed retrieve born from

The way of thinking completely different from the

conventional pencil.

It solved by repeating the slide action

and an irregular dive which used the inclination  

of a wave for themotion of the pencil which tends

to become linear.

 ¡ one hook (KG120.6/0) 

110 \6.580-@90 \4,970- @50 \4.270-

¡@Information about new price from 2008 Aug 01@¡