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 All Popper of FISHERMAN is made from the highest-class cypress from Kumano Japan.

No tree of tropical rain forests is used.

 Mr. Duck丂series

 Mr. Duck /丂Mr. Duck 俥俙俿丂/ Mr. Duck mini丂/ Mr. Duck 俧俿snake

Although looking is also cute as for this duck, it is competent



Mr. Duck  10g丂丂3.350-

This lure is the top water plug which can be used with both

the sea and the fresh water for smallness dolphin, smallness

 bonito, black bass, and smallness tuna, bass, blue trevally

 etc. with the main target,

The unbalance of the unique motion which swims totteringly, and a showy splash makes the top lure's new world.


This is a Barramundi tidbit.

Talk in the TIWI island of Barramundi Heaven.

Since I could not fish easily by minnow lure, I did the cast of

Mr. Duck 10!

Mr. Buffalo of guide shout "Barramundi!!!"

! surprise and I looked Mr. Duck that I cast, it had disappeared

in the ripple.

Then barramundi Heaven came乧 Australia  April 02







Mr. Duck FAT丂 8g丂丂3.230-

Lovely Mr. Duck Fat of Mr. Duck's sworn brother is a little fat.

Although Mr. Duck swims totteringly and staggeringly,

it makes big splash. This figure seems to be delicious should

make a captive the target seen from the bottom.

It is easy to throw and a handy size is perfect also for the trout

of the management fishing spot, black bass are aimed at with

 top lure.

color 03 Blue丂丒05 White丂丒06 Yellow丂丒08 Black丂丒09 Broiler丂

M21 Black俢丒M24 PinkD  丒M26 RedHead/Black俢丂

M27 RedHead/Silver俢丒M40RedHead/Yellow俢

51 Orange anemonef丒52 Blue anemonef

53 Pink anemonef  丒77 Green spot丂丒78 Pink/Blue spot




Mr. Duck mini丂  5g丂丂2.290-

This lure is used many places.

For example, little seabass,the any kind of trout in management fishing spot,

barramundi at winter, little fish in south, little fish in north.


Mr. Duck mini is the popular lure of the

management fishing spot and bay area.

If you move this slow, it splash by the beak

"Although this is lovely face,

it has the competent侓侓侓" as everyone

wants to sing.


with sprit ring, with no hook


 colo r

03 Blue丂丒05 White丂丒06 Yellow

08 Black丂丒09 Broiler丂丒M21 Black俢

M24 PinkD  丒M26 RedHead/Black俢丂

M27 RedHead/Silver俢 丒M40RedHead/Yellow俢

51 Orange anemonef丒52 Blue anemonef

53 Pink anemonef  丒77 Green spot丂

78 Pink/Blue spot




Mr. Duck丂GT snake丂丂150丂亸6.130-丂丂丂150俛乮with blade乯 亸6.350-丂


Dog walk action by this lure moves to right and left rhythmically is foundations.

Furthermore, cute hips make a lot of splash which you cannot think as a pencil.

New shiny 乬bug blade乭 is charmed GT.

Since the countenance of Mr. Duck is the unique of FISHERMAN, your joy will

double when you have fished GT!

People and GT can乫t but bite this lure with loveliness!?