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Yellowtail and bonito direct hit!

Dolphin and Seabass direct hit!

Since the delta blade is attached to the front,

this jig can be used as Popper which have stable casting distance.

As soon as lift is born from rotation of a delta blade, the jig main part

 is wrapped in a bubble. This jig is seems to genuine fish.

Also in the time of vertical jigging, a head part shines

with glitter according to the screw effect, and rotation of a delta

blade fall stability.

Since the figure is the small fish swim in the surface,

 new games start with Dolphin and Bonito, Yellowtail!





1Navy  2Pink  3Blue Sardine  4Pink Sardine  5Green/Gold  6Orange/Gold

7All Pink  8Red head  9Green/Black  10Gold/Black  11Red head/Blue

12Sweet fish






The bupyancy is born from rotation of a delta blade, and a jig main part is simultaneously wrapped in a bubble.





The whirl of yellowtail

We were temporarily settled in vertical jigging in the evening.

 The yellowtail began to boil then!!

As the captain had already predicted, he says, "It is good to aim

at the top lure, the minnow, and the jig with the cast

." .I took out and did the cast of the jig! The fish didn乫t fish,

although there was the byting. The whirl keeps away and there is

 no sign of floating for the while. The captain read tide

and the wind exactly, turned the boat, and stop the engine.

The captain said a word "boiled in this neighborhood."

Captain advice me the fight also, "It is better to seldom stand a rod,

if it hits."The whirl of a yellowtail started after 3 minutes.

it is small .... !? however a gradually large fish -- it is likely to whirl乭

 he continued with speaking. In the place which set a little between, 4-5

 large fish whirled by 50m of boat sides.

Captain said with his finger puts fish 乬It is good size! ". Fate was good,

and I have prepared casting already and I cast the jig with a delta blade

 in the direction which the fish moved.

After sinking the jig just for a moment, a delta blade is turned and invited

in underwater.

Immediately after the jig came out to the water surface and raised a spray, the yellowtail bitten a jig. The 5.4 feet short rod bent and drew like

the full moon finely.

As a captain's advice, without too standing a rod, I continued fighting

and landed the fish after 5 minutes. I was able

to fish three fish continuously after that, admire captain's ability.

I said "thank you! Captain.乭, then captain seldom smile, but he smile.


Yellowtail乭 in Matsuyama乭乧Southern ocean small Island trip. No.106.