7years from "super-jigging in Hawaii"

Chapter 2 of power raised the act.



Arms of the new paradigm

(fishing tool) boldly change

 important person Geging with an

exact strategy. 60 minutes

when common sense is broken


Fumio Suzuki superjigging@fithtI

Big@amberjack Jigging

in ogasawara

Suzuki stopped

the first running of

the big amberjack

 by 5m from the line.


How did you stop it??

Topic boil!!

Compilation of FISHERMAN huge

fish jigging. Suzuki stopped

the first running of

 52kg Monster amberjack by 5m.

Do the be lifted of super-important

person amberjack in succession

in addition,

and a super-monster finally becomes

 a hit as written in the subtitle.

Fumio Suzuki vs super-monster's

fierce fight scene is

uncensored telecasted.

The stage at which movement

without uselessness and a tough body

and Fumio Suzuki FISHERMAN

aim looks faint.

      Information about new price

 from 2008 Aug 01